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Evidence for the Faith

As a pastor my favorite text for Easter Sunday is John 20. I have used titles such as “Why I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus.” It’s one of those texts that preaches itself…. One of the problems I’ve had with Christians, which certain theologians started, was that Christianity needs to be taken “on faith.”Continue reading “Evidence for the Faith”

Driving a School Bus

I don’t promote that I drive a school bus. My “business” at this point is church consultation and transitional/interim pastoring. But I’m prompted to write this for consideration by those in ministry who need an additional position that provides benefits. I read recently about a man who accepted the call to ministry who had beenContinue reading “Driving a School Bus”

Enlisting Volunteers

Volunteers are very important to every local church. As a pastor I frequently was enlisting volunteers: my ministry would have fallen flat had I not had volunteers to accomplish the work and staff the ministries of the church. I would announce from the pulpit the need for specific volunteers. The bulletin, church newsletter and otherContinue reading “Enlisting Volunteers”

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