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No Homefield Advantage

As a younger pastor, I learned that I had respectability in the community. I’ve been asked to speak and pray before various groups that weren’t specifically Christian. I’ve even had a few opportunities in public schools. Those opportunities are gone or at least fading. Some wring their hands over the situation and talk about theContinue reading “No Homefield Advantage”

Assurance of Salvation

Preachers and Bible teachers may be prone to write about issues that press home to them. As a young believer, who didn’t grow up in a committed Christian home, I wrestled with the assurance of my salvation. At the time I came to Christ, I knew next to nothing about the Bible and Christianity. ThroughContinue reading “Assurance of Salvation”

What Are You Reading?

That question was asked on a pastor’s forum recently? The assumption was, what are you reading that’s ministry related. I’ve been a reader ever since Miss Lacy, my kindergarten teacher, asked me if I wanted to learn to read. It was the early 1960s. Miss Lacy, who was in her last year of teaching, sawContinue reading “What Are You Reading?”

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