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Fresh Eyes

One big advantage of having a church consultant is a pair of fresh eyes looking at your congregation. There are two primary issues. First, when we see something all the time, we tend to overlook what’s in plain sight. A church consultant doing a walk through of your facility will pick up on what youContinue reading “Fresh Eyes”


A mistake I made as a pastor was making the plan too complicated. Now detail is needed. But if your plan for a ministry is too complicated, people can’t understand it, and you may get lost in the details yourself. Having too many variables can cause failure with all types of organizations. David Leonhardt, writingContinue reading “K.I.S.S.”

We Need Each Other

On January 23 of this year my mother-in-law, Eleanor Charlotte McConaghy, went to be with the Lord. She was the last of our parents. The 23 year stretch of losing our parents started with my dad in 1998. For Lori and me, it’s the passing of a generation. Charlotte was an excellent mother-in-law, and itContinue reading “We Need Each Other”

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