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What Are You Reading?

That question was asked on a pastor’s forum recently? The assumption was, what are you reading that’s ministry related. I’ve been a reader ever since Miss Lacy, my kindergarten teacher, asked me if I wanted to learn to read. It was the early 1960s. Miss Lacy, who was in her last year of teaching, sawContinue reading “What Are You Reading?”

Contend for the Faith

Jude verse 3 tell us, “to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” In this one chapter book the writer was eager to write about “our common salvation,” but he had to ask the recipients to stand for the truths of scripture. In church growth, leaders may be veryContinue reading “Contend for the Faith”


One of my shortcomings as a pastor was doing everything myself. Now, I don’t mean I literally did everything, but a lot that I could have delegated, I did myself. Why? First, I have prided myself in being a person who is indispensable, I have liked to think if someone doesn’t come through, then atContinue reading “Delegation”

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