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What are We Preserving?

Let me be as transparent as I can. I hold to what would be considered a conservative, evangelical theology. I believe in God, a triunity, creator, holy, ever-present, all knowing, all powerful and redeemer. I believe that scripture is from God, fully inspired and without mistake. I believe that all people are sinful, we haveContinue reading “What are We Preserving?”

Reality as a Believer

Believers and churches like everyone else and every other organization have problems and challenges. Some Christians are Polly anna – they deny the problems. Such people will not face issues squarely. When someone mentions a problem they may say, “Just pray about it,” which is excellent advice, but it can come across as James writes,Continue reading “Reality as a Believer”

Get Some Exercise

I realize some of my blogs may irritate some people, but I’m going to address an issue that ties to today. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. Yet it does apply to many. This is Super Bowl Sunday. Many people will gather together this evening or perhaps their families will be watching the bigContinue reading “Get Some Exercise”

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