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Communication is Key

A lady recently answered a question in such a way that I was almost sure she was joking. I asked where the men’s room was and she replied, “you can go into the woods.” The problem? I looked at her face to see if she had a wry smile. She was wearing a mask, whichContinue reading “Communication is Key”

Communication is key

At my home church Lori and I have been attending the life group headed by a retired pastor, who also is the father of our lead pastor. He made an important point on this past Sunday on communication. Pastor Jim, as he is known, shared about one lady he had asked about joining our congregation.Continue reading “Communication is key”


I normally don’t pay a lot of attention to how people are dressed, unless I’m at a social gathering, and I realize everyone is attired differently than I am. I had read a recent article (financial news) about clothing companies making more work-out clothing since that’s what’s selling. This morning at a high school IContinue reading “Appearance”

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