Staying True to the Faith

In every era, believers and churches are tempted to compromise their faith. And many do.

I read an account of a mainline pastor who served a congregation in a northern city. His attendance is meager. The only way the congregation survives financially is by renting its facility to a an ethnic congregation that has a very fundamental and foundational belief in biblical truth.

This mainline pastor remembered being taught in seminary that modern people would not accept the miraculous parts of scripture, so a pastor should downplay those and just focus on the moral truths of scripture.

This pastor followed that strategy. He now serves a dwindling congregation, while renting the facility to a congregation that believes and expounds what he had been told to ignore.

Added to that, much of his mainline denomination doesn’t uphold even the moral biblical truths.

Today, there are some “cutting edge churches” that are seeking to grow by denying or down-playing doctrinal and moral truth that is taught in scripture. Denying biblical teaching, these congregation figure they can reach younger generations by changing sexual moral truth that’s taught in scripture.

The first issue is that a biblical church doesn’t actually exist if God’s explicit moral truth is denied. For a true church to exist, the Bible must actually be proclaimed.

Second, denying biblical truth is not the way to build disciples. Believers are to be counter-cultural. Rather than swaying with the winds of the current culture, we need to uphold the standard and be different from the world’s culture.

Bringing in a crowd isn’t all that hard if you simple offer what people today may want, perhaps good entertainment. But if that’s all you’re offering, people are left with broken cisterns that hold no spiritual water.

I want to help churches reach people for Christ, build disciples are grow a congregation. But don’t compromise biblical teaching to do so.

Ashton C. Smith

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