A mistake I made as a pastor was making the plan too complicated. Now detail is needed. But if your plan for a ministry is too complicated, people can’t understand it, and you may get lost in the details yourself.

Having too many variables can cause failure with all types of organizations. David Leonhardt, writing in The New York Times, notes this in his article, “The Left’s Vaccine Problem.” Conservative government leaders such as Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin of Great Britain and Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia have vaccinated higher percentages of their populations than more leftist leaders.

So, what’s the problem? Liberal leaders have complicated formulas for administering the vaccine. While those who are conservative have simple equations, such as everyone 65 and older, or verification of certain front line work, leftist politicians have insisted on equity of results. So being vaccinated is not as simple as showing proof of age or occupation. You may have to demonstrate you’re of a particular racial or ethnic group. The result: fewer people across the board are being vaccinated. If complicated people don’t understand it, and a great deal of the time, leaders themselves become confused.

Keep it simple, stupid! K-I-S-S. You need to understand your own plan for ministry and growth. If you don’t, know one else will.

Ashton C. Smith, Certified Church Consultant

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