Fresh Eyes

One big advantage of having a church consultant is a pair of fresh eyes looking at your congregation. There are two primary issues.

First, when we see something all the time, we tend to overlook what’s in plain sight. A church consultant doing a walk through of your facility will pick up on what you overlook. It could be clutter–you see it all the time and don’t notice it. Perhaps it’s a poor use of space. A consultant may utilize a secret guest to see the impression new people have when visiting your congregation for the first time.

Second, we tend to see what we expect. I drive a Toyota Camry. When I first got this car the vehicles I noticed most on the road were other Camrys. I saw what I expected. If a church member has developed a negative of his or her congregation, then the member will tend to see the negative and overlook the positive.

On the other hand, a newer member may have a very positive view of the congregation and overlook any negatives. This is very good. If only all church members were like this. But there could be problems that new comers see, but the positive people overlook. These negatives need to be noted and corrected. A consultant can show you how to do this.

A consultant not only looks for what needs to be corrected and improved. The consultant also notes the positive that can be built upon.

These are just a couple of the advantages of having a consultant. I’m available to help. Feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation.

Ashton C. Smith

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