What Are You Reading?

That question was asked on a pastor’s forum recently? The assumption was, what are you reading that’s ministry related.

I’ve been a reader ever since Miss Lacy, my kindergarten teacher, asked me if I wanted to learn to read. It was the early 1960s. Miss Lacy, who was in her last year of teaching, saw me observing her personally teaching a fellow student to read. Miss Lacy started in in the Dick and Jane books. I learned by reading about these two kids and their dog Spot.

Reading became a life-long habit. I remember as a child watching my father, mother and grandmother read the newspaper. In early elementary school I got a library card and would check out books to read.

I also remember Miss Kind. She was our elementary school librarian, and every couple of weeks our class would go to the library to check out books. Miss Kind would talk about reading and even gave us tips on reading. This foundation benefited my life greatly.

As a pastor I’ve enjoyed reading, and I suspect I’ve learned more from reading on my own that all of my formal education. And I have an earned doctorate.

So, what am I reading? Well, I have and continue to read books that relate to ministry, even though I’m not currently serving as a pastor. Many are very practical. Thom Rainer’s books are most helpful for church leaders: Anatomy of a Revived Church, The Post-Quarantine Church and Autopsy of a Deceased Church.

Add to that, Lead to Revitalize, The Unstuck Church, and Reclaiming Glory.

But I also have recently read books that relate to the culture by Christian leaders and other by secular writers. I do want the author to be knowledgeable.

Some other books I have recently read or am reading:

Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice by Scott David Allen

American Marxism by Mark Levin

Dark Agenda by David Horowitz

Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig

The Unbelievable Gospel by Jonathan Dobson

Plus, I do read a few chapters of the Bible each day and pick passages for more in-depth study. I also read The Wall Street Journal. I consider it as excellent source for national and world news.

I believe it was the late Warren Wiersbe who said, “Readers are leaders,” and I always felt I needed every edge possible to adequately serve the Lord.

If you’re a Christian leader, I encourage you to be a reader. Also, all believers need to be adequate informed, and reading good books is one of the best ways to do that.

If you’re a reader, keep it up. But if not, please give it a try, perhaps starting with 30 minutes of reading per day. I find that it helps me to end my day well by reading, which usually helps me to sleep well Be a reader!

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