Changing Standards, Blurring Lines

A couple of years ago, a Facebook “friend”–I didn’t know him, but I had accepted his friend request–sent me a message asking, “how are you and your lovely partner?” I think he wanted to start a conversation to sell me something, or perhaps to scam me.

But, I was insulted. I assume he was referring to my wife, who is lovely, but to call her a partner diminished the fact that Lori is my wife. We made a lifetime commitment before God to each other until “death do us part.”

This “friend” might as well have asked, “How’s that lovely person who cleans your house?” Partners are in business together. Or perhaps they square dance. A dancing partnership can be dissolved after an evening, or even after one dance. A business partnership can last for years and does involve a commitment, but it’s not marriage. You can leave your business partner at the office and forget about him for the weekend.

By diminishing a wife or husband, people can bring your relationship down to a lower level. By doing so they are diminishing a holy relationship that God has established.

We also see this with God’s law. People don’t like the laws that God has commanded, so they change them. Once, godly people were admired in our society. Even those who had no relationship with the Lord would many times admire those who did, even if they didn’t agree with them. Now, godly standards have been torn down. In their place are “woke” and immoral views that are held with a strong legalism from which there is no forgiveness.

The law of God does bring a knowledge of sin. And people will not come to Christ for his salvation unless they have this knowledge of sin. And the best news is, unlike modern immoral standards and views, God grants full and complete forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Christian believer, don’t forsake God standard. And don’t forsake sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Ashton C. “AC” Smith

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