Get Some Exercise

I realize some of my blogs may irritate some people, but I’m going to address an issue that ties to today. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. Yet it does apply to many.

This is Super Bowl Sunday. Many people will gather together this evening or perhaps their families will be watching the big game. A lot will overeat and over-drink as they watch men run around the field with the goal of winning this game. I’ve used the illustration of the lack of people serving in the church as they watch a few do most of the work. Hundreds of thousands of people, desperately needing exercise will watch 22 men on the field exerting themselves to win a game.

Maybe we should start with an exercise day (or week or month), ultimately leading to a lifestyle of good health. Maybe it’s throwing a football around. Or having a family game as the Kennedy family (of political fame) used to do. Perhaps it’s going on a family walk. Get moving.

Our country has had a two year focus on Covid and the deaths it has caused. Why isn’t our land dealing with the health and obesity crisis. Of those who’ve died from Covid, a higher percentage have had underlying health conditions.

I don’t expect our government leaders to deal with this health crisis, probably because it’s unpopular. Many are hooked on unhealthy food and wouldn’t want any more exercise than it minimally necessary.

But I’m advocating that we start exercising, even beginning with a few small steps. Start taking a walk. Park farther away from where you are going and take extra steps. Use the steps rather than the elevator.

With food, ditch the sweets and eat fruits and vegetables. Cut back on fatty meats. Eat more whole grains. And stop eating when you are full.

This will not only increase your lifespan, you will have a better quality of life.

Ashton C. “AC” Smith

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