The Problem of Looking at the Surface

To make quick decisions, we look at the surface. In choosing where to sit in a restaurant, I want a table that’s clean. If I think about it a bit more, I want to be able to see who’s going and coming, and where I can find a quick exit in the event of a potential robbery or someone who’s dangerous entering the establishment, such as a shooter.

Many decisions don’t require a lot of time. Most of the time I decide what to wear based upon the weather–is it going to be hot or cold or in-be-tween. If I’m going on an interview, I may consider the expectations of the person or committee who will be asking me questions. I find it amusing to go to a restaurant I frequent and have the server think that I need lots of time to decide what to eat. I usually know what I want as soon as I decide I’m going. If I go to Cracker Barrel, I most always get the lemon pepper grilled rainbow trout, which is my favorite entree. I look for two healthful sides to go with it.

But the problem comes when we look at only the surface on important issues. The big news item of this week as I write is the shooting in Uvalde, Texas at an elementary school, a horrific event with many children killed.

Now on the surface, people may say, get rid of all the guns, and this won’t happen. Okay, but how are you going to do that. Pass laws? When I started to drive, to save energy the United States passed a national 55 mph. Then everybody drove 55, right? Wrong! That move probably created more disrespect for the law than any widespread law ever passed. There were people who drove 55, but I assure you, on the interstates, they were they were the definite minority.

While a gun shoots a projectile from a distance, there are quite a few ways to kill people. Bombs can be more deadly. If someone is knifed to death, are loved ones going to take comfort in the fact that their loved one wasn’t killed by a gun. Hardly.

Could something else be going on in our society? These murders are normally committed by young men from fatherless homes. But it’s politically incorrect and an inconvenient truth that a family with a father and mother present is important.

We are definitely in a post-Christian society. It’s off the table in our society for people to be told that they are ultimately responsible to a God who is holy. If they believe in a god, his only attribute is love, and he would never judge anyone. So, if you kill people, that fine. You’re on your way to a heaven where you can indulge in anything you desire, or if there’s a hell, it’s no big deal.

The irony is that many educational institutions don’t teach people to think deeply and consider unintended consequences. These “schools” are nothing more than cultic programing centers where only one viewpoint to allowed. Students learn to parrot popular phrases, but are not taught to think.

Our surface level thinking is bringing destruction, and only a commitment to biblical truth can eliminate this fog. Christians and churches, get to work.

Ashton C. “AC” Smith

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