What are We Preserving?

Let me be as transparent as I can. I hold to what would be considered a conservative, evangelical theology. I believe in God, a triunity, creator, holy, ever-present, all knowing, all powerful and redeemer. I believe that scripture is from God, fully inspired and without mistake. I believe that all people are sinful, we haveContinue reading “What are We Preserving?”

Reality as a Believer

Believers and churches like everyone else and every other organization have problems and challenges. Some Christians are Polly anna – they deny the problems. Such people will not face issues squarely. When someone mentions a problem they may say, “Just pray about it,” which is excellent advice, but it can come across as James writes,Continue reading “Reality as a Believer”

Get Some Exercise

I realize some of my blogs may irritate some people, but I’m going to address an issue that ties to today. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. Yet it does apply to many. This is Super Bowl Sunday. Many people will gather together this evening or perhaps their families will be watching the bigContinue reading “Get Some Exercise”

Where to focus…

God is unlimited. We are not. Therefore, we should put our focus on reaching and discipling people for Jesus Christ. There is a natural tendency for congregations to do what they’ve always done. Certainly, the Bible tells us what we should do. We are to worship, witness, continue in the apostles’ doctrine (Bible study andContinue reading “Where to focus…”

Making Decisions

In our society today there’s a stress on democracy and majority rule. The problem with pure majority rule is that 50% plus one can suppress the “minority.” There’s also a problem with people making decisions without or in spite of proper knowledge. As a pastor there have been times when someone would ask me, whyContinue reading “Making Decisions”

Read the Bible

As a young believer I would encounter people who would say, “My preacher says….” Now, I’ve been a preacher for a few decades. Preachers who study the Bible can give great insight and explain passages that we find in holy writ. However, preachers, like everyone else, are fallible. We can be wrong. Acts 17:11 speaksContinue reading “Read the Bible”

Doing Church in 2022

I’ve never been much on New Year’s resolutions. If I believe I need to change, I start immediately. I have had resolutions for my birthday, which for me is the start of a new year. I’m not formally proposing new year’s resolutions for your congregation. But we’ve seen lots of changes in our culture andContinue reading “Doing Church in 2022”

Our Christmas Letter

It used to be that we sent out a letter with our Christmas cards to update friends and family on what we had done during the year. So, I’m using my blog for that purpose this year…. This Christmas will be rough for Lori, since her mom passed away in January. Added to that isContinue reading “Our Christmas Letter”


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