Imposing our Views on God

Oct. 26, 2021 In today’s Wall Street Journal there’s an article titled, “Young People Say Disconnect Keeps Them From Church.” The disconnect includes views on race, gender, and immigration. According to the article the views on race were not treating people equally, but racial justice. Racial justice looks at people in terms of groups, notContinue reading “Imposing our Views on God”

Branching Out

Mostly I’ve written about church consultation, which is very important, especially for plateaued or declining congregations. And I am a certified church consultant. I will continue to stand ready to assist church leaders and their congregations regardless of their financial situation. With future blogs, I’m going to expand more and deal with cultural, political andContinue reading “Branching Out”

No Homefield Advantage

As a younger pastor, I learned that I had respectability in the community. I’ve been asked to speak and pray before various groups that weren’t specifically Christian. I’ve even had a few opportunities in public schools. Those opportunities are gone or at least fading. Some wring their hands over the situation and talk about theContinue reading “No Homefield Advantage”